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Accession information for CondorelliGC (Accession Number 19)

Reaction Scheme

Accession Basic Parameters

Name CondorelliGC
Accession Type Pathway
Transcriber Sudhir Sivakumaran, NCBS
Developer Condorelli P and George SC.
Entry Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 2001-12-25
Species Generic mammalian
Tissue Pulmonary and vascular smooth muscle
Cell Compartment Cytosol
Source Condorelli P, George SC. Biophys J. (2001) 80(5):2110-9). ( peer-reviewed publication
Methodology Quantitative match to experiments
Model Implementation Mathematically equivalent
Model Validation Approximates orginal data, Quantitatively predicts new data
Notes This model features the observations of Condorelli P, George SC. Biophys J. (2001) 80(5):2110-9. They propose a in vivo mechanism for the binding of free NO to sGC based on in vitro data within both pulmonary and vascular smooth muscle. All the parameters used have been obtained from reported results based on experiments. One important conclusion they make is that control of sGC in vivo is most likely to be ultra-sensitive and that activation in vivo occurs at lower NO concentrations than previously reported.

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