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Accession information for SOCS1_knockout (Accession Number 67)

Reaction Scheme

Accession Basic Parameters

Name SOCS1_knockout
Accession Type Pathway
Transcriber Prasoon Agarwal and Sharat J. Vayttaden, NCBS
Developer Yamada S, Shiono S, Joo A, Yoshimura A
Entry Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 2006-02-13 00:00:00
Species mouse
Tissue Liver
Cell Compartment Nucleus , cytoplasm
Source Yamada S et al. FEBS Letters 2003 Jan 16;534(1-3):190-6. ( Peer-reviewed publication )
Methodology Quantitative match to experiments
Model Implementation Exact GENESIS implementation
Model Validation Approximates original data
Notes This model was taken from the Yamada S et al. FEBS Letters 2003 Jan 16;534(1-3):190-6
This model shows the control mechanism of Jak-Stat pathway, here SOCS1 (Suppressor of cytokine signaling-I) was identified as the negative regulator of Jak and STAT signal transduction pathway. This is the knockout version of Jak-Stat pathway in this model the SOCS1 has been knocked out i.e it formation is not shown.
The graphs are almost similar to the graphs as shown in the paper but STAT1n graph has some ambiguities. Thanks to Dr Satoshi Yamada for clarifying some of those ambiguities and providing the values used in the simulations.

Conversion formats

Native Format (GENESIS format)    acc67.g   
MATLAB format    acc67.m   
SBML format    acc67.xml   

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