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Molecule List for pathway PLCbeta (Pathway Number 151) in Accession NonOsc_Ca_IP3metabolism (Accession Number 31)

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BufferedSum Total Of
1 DAGNetwork00No
    Basal levels of Diacylglycerol in model are 5.06 uM. DAG is pretty nasty to estimate. Data sources are many and varied and sometimes difficult to reconcile. Welsh and Cabot 1987 JCB 35:231-245: DAG degradation Bocckino et al JBC 260(26):14201-14207: hepatocytes stim with vasopressin: 190 uM. Bocckino et al 1987 JBC 262(31):15309-15315: DAG rises from 70 to 200 ng/mg wet weight, approx 150 to 450 uM. Prescott and Majerus 1983 JBC 258:764-769: Platelets: 6 uM. Also see Rittenhouse-Simmons 1979 J Clin Invest 63. Sano et al JBC 258(3):2010-2013: Report a nearly 10 fold rise. Habenicht et al 1981 JBC 256(23)12329-12335: 3T3 cells with PDGF stim: 27 uM Cornell and Vance 1987 BBA 919:23-36: 10x rise from 10 to 100 uM
2 PCNetwork00Yes
    Phosphatidylcholine is the main (around 55%) metabolic product of DAG, follwed by PE (around 25%). Ref is Welsh and Cabot, JCB35:231-245(1987)
3 PIP2Network1500Yes
    PIP2 conc: Willars et al; JBC 273 (9) 27.2.98; pp 5037-5046
4 PLCNetwork0.040No
    Smrcka et al; Science 251, 15.2.1991, pp804-807
5 PLC-CaNetwork00No
    From Sternweis et al Phil Trans R Soc Lond 1992, also matched by Homma et al. k1 = 1.5e-5, now 4.2e-6 k2 = 70/sec; now 40/sec k3 = 17.5/sec; now 10/sec Note that the wording in Sternweis et al is ambiguous re the Km. Also Smrcka et al; Science 251, 15.2.1991, pp804-807
6 PLC-Ca-GqNetwork00No
    This should really be labelled PLC-Ca-GTP.Gq_alpha This is the most active form of the enzyme.
7 PLC-GqNetwork00No
    from Smrcka et al, 1991 Science 251: 804-807

Result: 1 - 7 of 7 rows are displayed

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