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Molecule List for pathway PKA (Pathway Number 240) in Accession AMPAR_traff_model0 (Accession Number 59)

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BufferedSum Total Of
1 inhibited-PKANetwork00.09No
2 PKA-activeNetwork00.09No
3 PKA-inhibitorNetwork0.25930.09No
    About 25% of PKA C subunit is dissociated in resting cells without having any noticable activity. Doskeland and Ogreid Int J biochem 13 pp1-19 suggest that this is because there is a corresponding amount of inhibitor protein.
4 R2-cAMP4Network00.09No
    Starts at 0.15 for the test of fig 6 in Smith et al, but we aren't using that paper any more.
5 R2C-cAMP4Network00.09No
6 R2C2Network0.50.09No
    This is the R2C2 complex, consisting of 2 catalytic (C) subunits, and the R-dimer. See Taylor et al Ann Rev Biochem 1990 59:971-1005 for a review. The Doskeland and Ogreid review is better for numbers. Amount of PKA is about .5 uM.
7 R2C2-cAMPNetwork00.09No
    CoInit was .0624
8 R2C2-cAMP2Network00.09No
9 R2C2-cAMP3Network00.09No
10 R2C2-cAMP4Network00.09No

Result: 1 - 10 of 10 rows are displayed

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