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Molecule List for pathway PLCbeta (Pathway Number 67) in Accession PLCbeta1 (Accession Number 13)

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BufferedSum Total Of
1 CaPathway0.090.0016667Yes
    21 Jul 2001 Concn varies betwn 0.001 to 10 uM. The Concentration of Ca is obtained from I. Litosch, Biochem., 2000, 39,7736-7743. The concentration of Ca is buffered to different levels and rate of binding of enzyme is noted.But here it is set to 0.09uM which is the basal level of Calcium.
2 Ca.PLCbetaPathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 The enzyme activity is observed only when it combines with Ca and becomes Calcium bound form of enzyme complex.All the curves obtained are in the presence of different concentrations of Calcium by I. Litosch, Biochem.,2000, 39,7736-7743.
3 DAGPathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 DAG: diacylglycerol.
4 GqPathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 The Gq concentration is fixed to 0 since the response curves obtained by I. Litosch, Biochem. 2000, 39, 7736-7743 are in the absence of Gq.The concentration of Gq is fixed to 1uM when it is present.
5 Gq.Ca.PLCbetaPathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 This active enzyme is complex formed by binding of Gq with Ca.PLCbeta where concentration formed is 0 because of the absence of Gq.The response curves are obtained in the absence of Gq by I.Litosch, Biochem. 2000, 39,7736-7743.
6 IP3Pathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 IP3: Inositol Trisphosphate. Here we do not model the metabolism of IP3.
7 PAPathway10.0016667No
    12 Jul 2001 The Concentration of Phosphatidic Acid is obtained from I. Liotsch, Biochem., 2000, 39, 7736-7743. The PA concentration vary between 0-60uM Usually the concn levels are set to the basal levels which are under 2 mole percent, estimated at 1 uM.
8 PA.Ca.PLCbetaPathway00.0016667No
    6 Nov 2001 This is the active enzyme complex formed by binding of PA with Ca.PLCbeta.All the activity of PA is possible only in the presence of Calcium bound enzyme i.e., Ca.PLCbeta and resulted in dose response curves for the activity obtained by I. Litosch., Biochem., 2000, 39, 7736-7743.
9 PIP2Pathway250.0016667Yes
    12 Jul 2001 The PIP2 concentration is fixed to 25uM and is buffered to maitain the same level of substrate. I. Liotsch, Biochem., 2000, 39, 7736-7743.
10 PLCbetaPathway0.120.0016667No
    12 Jul 2001 The Concentration PLC-beta is set to 0.12 obtained from Ryu etal 1987, Jour.Bio.Chem, 12511-12518, 1987.

Result: 1 - 10 of 10 rows are displayed

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