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News Archives
Last updated: May 20, 2022

  • September 2007:
    7 September:
    Due to network upgradation and followed by UPS failure DOQCS was not reachable, we are sorry for this inconvenient.

  • August 2007:
    20 August:
    For most of the models Matlab and SBML file are available.

  • July 2007:
    20 July:
    SBML AND MATLAB files for the 3d_fold_model and MAPK_MKP1_oscillation model was added.

  • June 2007:
    28 June:
    Due to some technical issue DOQCS was not reachable for sometime, we are sorry for this inconvenient.

  • March 2007:
    20 March:
    We are performing some essential maintenance work on the server. Due to this DOQCS was not reachable for some time, this may also result in some slow performance. We are sorry for this inconvenient.

  • January 2007:
    12 January:
    Our VSNL link was down. Due to this DOQCS was not accessible. We are sorry for this inconvenient.

  • August 2006:
    11 August :- 
    Due to power outage DOQCS was down, we are sorry for the inconvenient.

    10 August :- 
    Four more models from the published paper "Abu-Soud HM et al. Biochemistry. 1999 Sep 21;38(38):12446-51" where added to the Database

  • June 2006:
    Additional information like Species, CellCompartment, Tissue along with the Methodology, Model Implementation and Validation are saved in the GENESIS file. The Anno_accno#.g contains all the information and can be accessed through GENESIS by downloading the new version of kkit11. ( ).
    From Accession number 59, accno#.g itself will contain the additional information.

  • Feb 24 2005:
    I. An addition Match Type called Model was added in Search Tool.
    II. Matlab files for the GENESIS .g file made available.
    III. In Accession List the details of Tissue, Cell compartment, Species of the model are added.

  • Dec 2 2004:
    In Enzyme Table a column called Enzyme Type added to differentiate between "Explicit E-S complex" and "Classical Michaelis-Menten". For further description refer to FAQ.

  • Oct 1 2004:
    The revised version of DOQCS with better search facility and a revised database structure was made publically available. With new search features like
    - Search in Name with Match field for
       . Exact word
       . Staring With
       . Anything
    - Search in Notes with Match field for
       . Anything


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