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Enzyme List for pathway Ras (Pathway Number 184) in Accession MAPK-bistability-fig1c (Accession Number 35)

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  Enzyme Molecule /

 Enzyme Activity
Pathway Name / 
Pathway No.
Enzyme TypeReagents
1 GEF* /

Pathway No. 184
0.5050510.024explicit E-S complexSubstrate: 
Product : 
  Kinetics from Orita et al JBC 268(34):25542-25546. Note that the Vmax is slow, but it does match the slow GTP hydrolysis rates.
2 GAP /

Pathway No. 184
1.010410100explicit E-S complexSubstrate: 
Product : 
  From Eccleston et al JBC 268(36)pp27012-19 get Kd < 2uM, kcat - 10/sec From Martin et al Cell 63 843-849 1990 get Kd ~ 250 nM, kcat = 20/min I will go with the Eccleston figures as there are good error bars (10%). The two sets of values are reasonably close. k1 = 1.666e-3/sec, k2 = 1000/sec, k3 = 10/sec (note k3 is rate-limiting) This is one of the rare cases where we have direct info on the k3 being rate-limiting. Hence the ratio I use for the k2:k3 rates is 100 rather than the usual 4.

Result: 1 - 2 of 2 rows are displayed

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