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Molecule List for pathway Gs (Pathway Number 137) in Accession cAMP_pathway (Accession Number 25)

Default ordering is done according to Pathway Number. Table headers can be used for changing the default ordering.
arrow indicates that ordering is done according to ascending or descending order.
The entries are grouped according to Pathway Number and are alternately color coded using  and  color.

BufferedSum Total Of
1 GbgNetwork00No
    The Gbetagamma dimer.
2 GDP.GaNetwork00No
    The inactive GDP-bound form of Gs alpha.
3 GDP.GabcNetwork10No
    The resting state of Gs: GDP bound to trimer. From Pang and Sternweis JBC 265:30 18707-12 1990 we get conc est 1.6 uM to 0.8 uM. We'll use 1 uM.
4 LNetwork00Yes
    This ligand could be any of several which bind to the beta adrenergic receptor and other G-protein coupled receptors which activate AC. For the sake of argument, call it isoproterenol.
5 L.RNetwork00No
    Ligand.Receptor complex
6 L.R.GDP.GabcNetwork00No
    This is the ternary complex, where all the action happens. There are actually a lot more steps here, including a final step where the GTP binds the L.R.Ga complex and causes the release of GTP.Ga from the L.R. For simplicity this is excluded.
7 RNetwork0.08330No
    A typical number of receptors per cell is about 50000.
8 R.GDP.GabcNetwork00No
    Fraction of R.GDP.Gabc is about 50% of total R, from Fay et al. Biochemistry 30:5066-5075(1991) Since this is not the same receptor, this value is a bit uncertain.

Result: 1 - 8 of 8 rows are displayed

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