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Molecule List for pathway Gq (Pathway Number 316) in Accession Ajay_Bhalla_2004_PKM_Tuning (Accession Number 76)

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BufferedSum Total Of
1 Blocked-rec-GqNetwork00No
2 G-GDPNetwork10No
    From M&L, total Gprot = 1e5molecules/cell At equil, 92340 are here, 400 are in G*GTP, and another 600 are assoc with the PLC and 6475 are as G*GDP. This is OK. From Pang and Sternweis JBC 265:30 18707-12 1990 we get conc est 1.6 uM to 0.8 uM. A number of other factors are involved too.
3 mGluRNetwork0.30No
    From M&L, Total # of receptors/cell = 1900 Vol of cell = 1e-15 (10 um cube). Navogadro = 6.023e23 so conversion from n to conc in uM is n/vol*nA * 1e3 = 1.66e-6 However, for typical synaptic channels the density is likely to be very high at the synapse. Use an estimate of 0.1 uM for now. this gives a total of about 60K receptors/cell, which is in line with Fay et at.
4 mGluRAntagNetwork00Yes
    I am implementing this as acting only on the Rec-Gq complex, based on a more complete model PLC_Gq48.g which showed that the binding to the rec alone contributed only a small amount.
5 Rec-GluNetwork00No
    This acts like an enzyme to activate the g proteins Assume cell has vol 1e-15 m^3 (10 uM cube), conversion factor to conc in uM is 6e5
6 Rec-Glu-GqNetwork00No
7 Rec-GqNetwork00No
    Fraction of Rec-Gq is 44% of rec, from Fay et al. Since this is not the same receptor, this value is a bit doubtful. Still, we adjust the rate consts in Rec-bind-Gq to match.

Result: 1 - 7 of 7 rows are displayed

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