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Molecule List for pathway AC (Pathway Number 197) in Accession PKA_2003 (Accession Number 47)

Default ordering is done according to Pathway Number. Table headers can be used for changing the default ordering.
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The entries are grouped according to Pathway Number and are alternately color coded using  and  color.

BufferedSum Total Of
1 ACNetwork0.0151000No
    AC is present at rather low levels. Here we use 0.015 uM which is meant to lump various isoforms. None of the isoforms nor the other specific regulators are included here. Jacobowitz, PhD thesis.
2 AMPNetwork10001000Yes
    Assumed buffered to 1 mM. Value is irrelevant to simulation.
3 ATPNetwork50001000Yes
    ATP is present in all cells between 2 and 10 mM. See Lehninger. It is assumed buffered since the metabolic activity will take care of its levels.
4 cAMP-PDENetwork0.51000No
    The levels of the PDE are not known at this time. However, enough kinetic info and info about steady-state levels of cAMP etc are around to make it possible to estimate this at about 0.5 uM.
5 cAMP-PDE*Network01000No
    This form has about 2X activity as plain PDE. See Sette et al (1994 Jul 15) J Biol Chem. 269(28):18271-4
6 Gs.ACNetwork01000No
    This is the active form of the cyclase.

Result: 1 - 6 of 6 rows are displayed

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