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List of mapk occurrences in molecule list for pathway MAPK (Pathway Number 35) in Accession mkp1_feedback_effects (Accession Number 4)

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BufferedSum Total Of
1 MAPKNetwork0.360No
    Mol wt is 42 KDa. conc is from Sanghera et al JBC 265 pp 52 (1990) They estimate MAPK is 1e-4x total protein, and protein is 15% of cell wt, so MAPK is 1.5e-5g/ml = 0.36uM. Lets use this. Note though that Huang and Ferrell 1996 PNAS 93(19):10078 report 1.2 uM in oocytes. Also note that brain concs may be high. Ortiz et al 1995 J. Neurosci 15(2):1285-1297 report 0.3 ng/ug protein in Cingulate Gyrus and 1.2 ng/ug protein in nucleus accumbens. In hippocampus 270 ng/mg protein for ERK1 and 820 ng/mg protein for ERK 2. If 15% of cell weight is protein, that means that about 300 * 0.15 ng/ul is ERK 1. ie, 45e-9g/1e-6 litre = 45 mg/litre or about 1 uM. For non-neuronal tissues a lower value may be better.

Result: 1 - 1 of 1 rows are displayed

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