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Parameters for PLCbeta (Pathway Number 67)

Pathway Layout

Pathway Basic Parameters

Pathway NamePLCbeta
Pathway Entry Number 67
Accession Number 13
Accession Name PLCbeta1
Species Bovine; Mammalian
Tissue Brain - Neuronal; expressed in E.coli
CellCompartmentCell Membrane
Related Pathways 4, 22, 73, 112, 126, 151, 164, 209, 315, 332, 350
Notes 4 Oct 2001 ---------- Initial version incorporating inputs of Ca, Gq and PA. The PA is still problematic at very high or very low levels of Ca but works OK in the range 0.1 to 1 uM. PA data primarily from Litosch 2000 Biochemistry 39:7736-7743. Gq data primarily from Sternweis et al 1992 Phil Trans Roy Soc Lond B Biol Sci 29;336(1276): 35-41 and Smrcka et al Science 251 804-807 1991. Model parameter specification H. Sridhar 2001.



Conversion format

This pathway is part of accession 13 and is completely specified in the file acc13.g.
There is no separate files for just this pathway.
Native Format (GENESIS format)    acc13.g   
GENESIS Format (Annotated version)    Anno_acc13.g   
MATLAB format    acc13.m   
SBML format    acc13.xml   

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